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Time Capsules is a series of 3 books, gathering ready made printed materials collected in Tokyo, Japan.

Viewing the book as an object that functions as a time capsule led me to create this project. The Japanese stab-binding method allows the bookmaker to gather different types of paper, of different sizes, shapes and orientations. By using this binding method as a tool that can be easily used in order to create collections, I decided to create literal time capsules of printed materials, collected in a specific time and place.

The 1st time capsule was made of flyers collected on train stations over the course of a month. The second time capsule is a collection of newspapers bought in convenience stores over the course of one week. The last time capsule was created of paper bags collected from the street on paper trash day.

first time capsules.

  • 14X20cm, 18X24cm, 22X28cm

  • Handmade covers, traditional Japanese binding

  • Tokyo, 2021

  • This project was created at
    Tama Art University.

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